About us

Smiles and Memories, LLC is a small woman-owned business located in Georgia.

We want to help you memorialize those special moments in your life via personalized products.  Our goal is to help create items that will bring you smiles and help build upon the memories you want to share.  If you see a product you like that isn't quite what you need please let us know so we can work with you to create that perfect item.

Amanda Bentley - Owner

Amanda has been expressing her creativity since she was a small child in rural Pennsylvania.  When she was a small child she used to carve bears into the wooden fixtures in the house she grew up in.  As she continued to explore creative outlets, she tried various mediums such as paints, pencils, and others.  She transitioned into digital art after completing school for computer programming.  Today she combines technology with art into designs she puts onto products she hopes will help make people happy.