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Collapse: Collapse Series,...

Jan Worthington would give anything to be a normal teenager again — going to school, hanging out with her friends. But it’s all gone.


When the variant wipes out millions and devastates global resources, society collapses.


In this new reality, trust will be either her most precious resource or her greatest weakness. And the allies she chooses could cost her everything.


Marauders have sucked the city dry and are heading toward the Worthington farm, and she must protect what little she has left.


The guns come out. Traps are set.


How well did Jan choose?


Winner of the Christian Indie Awards, Collapse, Book One of the Collapse Series, a young adult, post apocalyptic novel. For a fast-paced, alternate reality, explore Angela D. Shelton’s tale of family survival in a shattered world.

Price $17.95

Honor: Collapse Series,...

In a collapsing society, former quarterback Caleb Worthington is no longer a teenager with a secret in his past, but a man searching for his future. But when a blackmailer uses his mistakes against him, his nightmares take over reality. Now, trying to safeguard everything the Worthingtons stand for, he’s finding out being a man is as much about one’s choices as actions—and his are putting his family at risk.

As the blackmailers up their game, his home-field advantage dwindles, and he can’t count on his teammates since even his best friend is acting the fool.

Unwilling to share the burden, despite how it’s affecting his family, can he find an honorable play once this “game” really kicks off? And what will it take for Caleb to come clean with those he loves?

Price $17.95

Downfall: A Collapse Series...

  • Downfall, prequel to the Collapse Series, an apocalyptic, young adult novel. Experience the beginning of the Collapse by Angela D. Shelton.
Price $17.95

Independence: Collapse...

If malnutrition doesn’t kill seventeen-year-old Olivia, her search for security just might.  

Price $17.95

Mother Definition...

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